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From Laives to Aldino passing through Nova Ponente

Tour description

Starting from the Hotel Raffl southward to Pineta. On the little frequented asphalted road to La Costa and steadily uphill to the so called "Schneiderwiesen". From hear on a forest road towards Monte Pozza , then right hand on following the sign for the route 1 and downhill to "Wölfl". Again a short asphalted climb and dowhwards to Nowa Ponente. From hear on a forest road (sign 2) up to the famous pilgrimage Maria Weißenstein and uphill along the road 8 and then downhill on the road 10 to Aldino. Turn right into road 6 below the church of Aldino. Through a deep valley along the Aldino small stream on a speedy and quite stony path dowhwards to Bronzolo. From here through the orchards back to the starting point Hotel Raffl.

duration 5:30 h
distance 45,5 km
altitude 1870 m
max.hight 1606 m

From Bolzano on the High Plateau Salto to Valas

Tour description

The MTB tour starts in Bolzano on the road to S. Genesio. At the beginning steeply uphill through the first tunnel and then on the right to the Reichrieglerhof next to which you get again on the main road through another tunnel and upwards until you reach the junction for Cologna. From here turn left throuth the tunnel along the asphalted road number 9 to Unterglaning until you reach the restaurant Locher. Continue on path the number 2 passing the restaurantWieser and on the path number 10 upwards in direction Salto. On the plateau of salto this path becomes the path number 1/7A and goes along until the parking Schermoos. From here continue on path number 5 upwards until you reach the restaurant Lanzenschuster. The way back is along the same way until Schermoos and a bit further on the right on path 7A to Gschofner Stall, from where you take the path 12 that ends in path 10. Then continue the same way back to Locher via the Wieser, from here a bit on the asphalted road downwards, then turn left on path number 5 and again on path number 5A which later ends into path 6. Downhill to the road of Cologna and then before you reach the tunnel you can take a shortcut by turning right into the road of S.Genesio. From here on the left descent steeply to the Reichrieglerhof, from where you turn left and downwards into the main road and through the tunnel back to Bolzano.

duration 4:30 h
distance 41,3 km
altitude 1530 m
max.hight 1554 m

Monticolo Tour

Tour description

Starting from the farm Mair on a paved path through courtyards in direction Vadena until you reach the junction Laimburg. From here turn right steeply uphill on the Novale al Varco, then turn left on a gravel track in direction Castechiaro and then right into the trail number 13 downhill until you reach Campi al Lago on Lake of Caldaro. On an paved road nowyou reach Monticolo passing the Monte di Sotto, then up to the parking on the path number 1A around the Little Lake Monticolo and along the circular trail downwards to the Big Lake Monticolo, turn left into path number 5A until you reach the saddle of the hill and from here along the steep and rocky path back to the point of departure.

Bassa Atesina circular trip

Tour description

Starting point of this mountainbike tour is Frangarto next to Bolzano. From here the tour goes southwards on the cycle path along the River Adige passing the Safety Park of Vadena and just after the motorway service Laimburg were the path turns right in direction Lake Caldaro. The tour continues through the Katerer Möser passing the Lake Caldaro. To reach the Novale al Varco you have to pedale strongly and then along the Monte di Sotto you will sometimes have to push the bike. From here the trail goes downhill to the so-called "Frühlingstal", through Monticolo passing the sports centre, through Girlano and along path number 1 passing the Castle of Firmiano back to the starting point of Frangarto.

duration 2:30 h
distance 38.6 km
altitude 440 m
max.hight 549 m

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